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    Picaleña Millhouse

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    Equivalent price per pound is U$ 2.59

    This is an outstanding coffee produced in Santander, a region widely know for its outstanding coffee. Did you know that Santander is the state in which the first coffee trees were planted in Colombia? Coffee growing in Santander is both a tradition and a vibrant business, and coffee farms are usually the joy and pride of dedicated and careful families.

    Santander state is located on the Eastern Mountain Range, an area that is surrounded by several dormant and active volcanoes, which provided the well-drained and chemical element- rich soil to grow this exceptional coffee. This is one of the best places to cultivate coffee, as the rich soil and dedicated family farmers work in conjunction to produce the best possible coffee bean.

    We highly recommend a medium roast for this particular coffee, as a dark roast may mask some of the more delicious and elegant elements of the bean.

    Each of the coffee beans is:

    Shade grown
    Hand picked.
    Sun dried
    Carefully milled
    Electronic sort
    Hand sorted

    You know that SUPREMO stands out as the worldwide quality benchmark for washed Arabica coffees. Buy the SUPREMO and have confidence that this coffee will roast to exceed your highest expectations. Contact Coffeebythebag for more information about the cultivation of the SUPREMO beans, as well as our personal expectations for our coffee.


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