• Colombia HUILA Bruselas Micro Lot Coffee

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    Hope coffee

    Colombian coffee is known all around the world, it’s the highest seller of the Arabica kind of grain and it’s recognized as a mild well balanced coffee, not that strong but rather sweet, citric acid and fruity.

    On the other hand but same land there is Bruselas, a vereda in Huila, a department located southwest of Colombia, at the very south border of the Colombian Coffee Growing Axis; Bruselas has one of the best paid Specialty coffees in Huila and also one of the sweetest, fruitiest coffees in Colombia.

    Bruselas’ coffee presents notes of brown sugar linked to a hazelnuty chocolate flavor, kind of a sweet hot cocoa with just enough of fruity, apple, pear and citrus flavors to balance its sweetness with the characteristically citric acidity of the Arabica kind without losing its original sugared taste.

    But that’s not all about Bruselas Specialty coffee, probably just the beginning, when you start digging about the origins and path from farm to cup of the taste, you really get to know why and how it got so sweet without adding any Splenda, honey or sugar.

    This southwest Colombian vereda produces not only coffee but world class coffee cuppers, traders and growers, a whole coffee culture roots here in Bruselas.

    ‘La esperanza’ farm owned and worked by Gerardo Carvajal it’s a very special place, just reading its name “Hope” in Spanish, begins to tell you what it means for Gerardo to grow coffee, and it also tells a story spread all around Colombia, the hope coffee means to our economical wellbeing, to our story and roots; and Gerardo’s family ain’t the exception, for them it is a tradition and an everyday work and love to grow coffee, from seeding to harvesting, the family grows and flourish with the coffee bush.

    These coffee bushes roots that, as those of the Colombian people, are buried in a volcanic, red, ashy land, the same land that provides the nutrients for that fruity coffee I was talking about earlier, combined with organic and local mixes that clean and feed the coffee plants they are transformed by not just the biochemical means of the bush but also by the care and love of the coffee growing family, the care of Gerardo’s family.

    For coffee growing families, as I previously said, coffee is much more than just a beverage, it is their way of living, their way of coexisting with nature, but also the material, economic foundation of accomplishing goals and meeting their basic needs, that’s why it’s so important for coffee trading companies to value their work.
    As we sell or buy coffee grains for a price thought for the producer and not the buyer, here in CoffeebytheBag we value an everyday hearted work of a whole family.

    So this is not just an information article about Bruselas’ or Colombian coffee, neither it is mere advertisement for the coffee we sell here in CoffeebytheBag this is an invitation for all of us coffee drinkers that care about valuing other peoples’ lives and work, to try and ask about the origin of that sweet dark liquid inside your cup, and think about what it took to get there and all of the tradition, care and love that it’s made of.
  • Colombia HUILA Bruselas Micro Lot Coffee
  • Colombia HUILA Bruselas Micro Lot Coffee
  • Colombia HUILA Bruselas Micro Lot Coffee
  • Colombia HUILA Bruselas Micro Lot Coffee

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