• Colombia Excelso EA Decaff


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    Equivalent price per pound: U$ 3.49

    If you are looking for high quality decaf green coffee beans, look no further than Coffeebythebag! Other decaf coffees in the market are decaffeinated due to quality issues like flood damage, or basic repose. Our Colombia Excelso EA decaf beans are only the highest quality beans, cautiously cultivated and decaffeinated to produce the best possible product. Our beans are carefully exported and shipped straight to any specialty or home roaster for optimum coffee enjoyment!

    We use an Ethyl Acetate (EA) decaffeination process, which is very delicate with the cupping characteristics of the green coffee beans.

    EA is a natural solvent obtained from sugar cane molasses, which provides a perfectly natural process that respects the original organoleptic characteristics of the coffee bean. In short, the quality of the taste and integrity of the bean is maintained through this process.

    Our Colombia Excelso EA decaf is decaffeinated specially for us at DESCAFECOL, a ¨state of the art¨ decaffeinating plant, located in the city of Manizales, in the middle of Colombia´s coffee axis. This process ensures superiority in taste and quality above all else, giving you the perfect decaf bean. 

    As all coffee to be exported from Colombia, this EA decaf was rigorously tested to meet or exceed quality standards required by the National Coffee Federation, which gives you an added confidence level regarding the great quality of this coffee. We hold our coffee in the highest regard, and we have the same expectations as our customers—only the best-tasting, most carefully-cultivated coffee using the most careful and proven methods in the industry.

    Visit http://www.descafecol.com/ if you want to learn more about the process of decaffeinating the beans.
  • Colombia Excelso EA Decaff
  • Colombia Excelso EA Decaff
  • Colombia Excelso EA Decaff
  • Colombia Excelso EA Decaff

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